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Does maths cause you anxiety?


Hi, my name is Karen and I’m delighted you’re visiting this site! You’ve come to the right place; a place to thrive, not only survive maths. I am passionate about showing others they CAN do maths!

According to an AP-AOL News poll of 1,000 adults, a whopping 40% said they hated maths at school; so why do so many dislike this subject, more than any other one? There are perhaps many reasons for this, but three stand out to me:


  • Learning needs to be tailored to the individual –
    Ignacio Estrada sums it up “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”
  • The importance of ‘seeing’ connections and patterns –
    When we focus only on methods and the ‘right’ ways of solving a problem, maths becomes something of a memory game instead of linking the relationships between concepts
  • The role of the learning environment –
    A student needs a safe environment to question, make mistakes, hear how others solve problems as well as be brave enough to share their own ideas  – that may mean as a teacher not rushing in too quickly with an answer but allowing for real thinking to take place

Everyone CAN do maths! Neuroscience is proving we all have been given mathematical intelligence and have the ability to problem solve. The beauty of one-to-one is watching an anxious student who panics over anything to do with maths, blossom and become secure in their own ability to problem solve. I love it when a student comes home and says my teacher moved me up a group today or I did the higher group’s work!

“I don’t know whether anything I say would be enough to convey my gratitude for what you have done for Fawzah. Before you came to teach Fawzah, she was sinking in maths and her self-confidence was drowning. You came as a saving grace and taught her how to swim up in maths. You shifted her feelings from hating to liking maths. She grew in confidence and surprised me when she taught her friends several topics. You are an amazing teacher and a wonderful human being.”
Zakera (Mum of GCSE student)


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